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Sharon Waimberg

By Sharon Waimberg

It’s Friday afternoon, post-lunch, at summer camp. We’re just starting “Hyde Park,” our weekly, open space discussion that allows each and every member of the camp community the opportunity to state whatever is on his/her mind.

The first camper stands on the speaker’s rock and proclaims, “What happened to Friday morning muffins? I want them back!” Everyone cheers, the staff takes note, and the next camper struts to the rock. And so it goes -- campers want more time for sleep, more sports, free time, dessert, and on and on.  Finally a very young, first time camper takes his turn. In a soft voice he says, “This was the best week of my life.”  Everyone cheers and the session ends.

The campers know what comes next. The staff will need to review, discuss, and decide how and what changes we can implement with them. The big idea we’re modeling is the entire community is empowered to make the changes they believe are necessary. And everyone knows it.


How can you create a change you want to see in your community?

Sharon Waimberg spent 15 years as Executive Director of Habonim Dror Camp Galil in Pennsylvania. 

This piece was created in partnership with the Foundation for Jewish Camp, whose mission is to help Jewish camps achieve their mission: to create transformative summer experiences – and the Jewish future.