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You can see the sparkle in my eyes I live to shine

I believe in faith I took off the blinds

Creation understanding of a nation the golden child I teach with dedication

I walk with knowledge I never went to college

but I can hold my own with any scholar

I am Spartacus blood and sand the gladiator protecting the holy land

David and Goliath the book of Samuel the truth without lies

can you see the sparkle in my eyes the seven seals

and seven trumpets shall be revealed

the vision is real be the diamond in the rough

change the world giving free meals is not enough touch their soul

with the knowledge of old

give your love God knows the sparkle

I see it in your eyes it brings out your smile

you can live free and wild love life shine brighter than starlight

give yourself a chance to be bright

stay away from negative energy it would pull you away

from positive theory kindred the embrace

we're spiritually connected through faith

be the sparkle not hate

judge with kindness life is precious

no more whining only happiness.


What’s the best thing you learned this week?


ANT (full name Mark Anthony Adams) is a lifelong resident of Watts who has been involved in several community groups and is currently an ambassador for L’ocol.